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First impressions are everything.
At Moon & Fox, we know that your website will most likely be the first impression your customers have of your business. We develop sites that create a confident, lasting impression.

What we do

More than ever, websites are being viewed on mobile phones, tablets and varying sizes of home computers and laptops. We build responsive sites that will look good and provide a quality user experience on any device.

Usability is just as important as design. By using a content-driven design strategy, our sites are clean and easy to use and navigate.

How will people find you? At Moon & Fox, we understand that SEO is an important part of a well-built site. We also understand how SEO works. We use innovative and diligent SEO techniques that generate organic SEO and optimize your search engine ranking without jeopardizing the quality of the content.

Writing code is our passion, so we do it right. Our code is consise and efficient, improving page load times. Our code is organized, making it easy to maintain and update. We take pride in staying up to date with new and cutting edge technologies and employing the most current best practices in the industry.

Recent work

  • A dynamic site for LA-based corporate catering company The Lunch Lady with client maintained frequently changed content.

  • An e-commerce site & blog built for a lucrative paper goods design company owned by sought after designer Rachel Kashon.

  • A content-dense site and blog that was built to be easy to navigate while still providing all the functionality and content needed.

  • Portfolio site developed for esteemed branding and design company The Brand Coast.

  • A custom site for a prominent real estate agent in the Southern California area.

  • An easy to maintain site for a busy Forest School in Silverado, CA.

  • A design and feature re-haul for the blog of a popular shoe & design blogger.

  • On online storefront for The Brittle Factory, a company that desired an online presence with product ordering capability.

  • A blog dedicated to art, travel, and parties developed for an all girl group of artists, stylists and adventurers.

  • An e-commerce site & blog for a sister & brother team who produce artisan spices and sauces from locally sourced ingredients. An ordering system for their new meal delivery service was also developed.

  • An informative site and e-commerce shop built for a local artisan gourmet beef jerky company.

  • A new informational site build for prestigious high-profile case attorney Richard Pfeiffer.

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